Wisdom for a

Better Life

Are you puzzled or upset by the way others think and react? Are your words misconstrued and your actions misunderstood? Do you feel hurt or frustrated when your good intentions are seen as bad?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

By gaining a better understanding of some basic truths, you will feel a weight being lifted from your shoulders. You will find it easier to sweep aside anger, disappointments, resentment and the stresses of everyday life. Instead of dwelling on the negatives at home, work and in your daily routine, you can focus on how the positives will help you realize your full potential.

You will be on your way…to a better life.

Wisdom for a Better Life book cover

Common Ground
We all have things in common. We are driven by the urge to survive and thrive. Our shared history and humanity define how we interact with a complex and often confusing world. Our ability to communicate helps us to bridge the gap between our individual selves.
Unique Differences
And yet, while we might share bonds with family and friends, people of the same gender, age, culture or background, and humanity overall, we are all unique. Our way of thinking is just that—ours. Our needs, desires, hopes and dreams are only that–ours. What we see, hear and understand is filtered through one lens–ours.
Moving Forward
The key, then, is to understand this simple contradiction: as much as we are alike, we are all very different. You might see, hear or believe something, but others might not, even when it comes to shared experiences or the physical world around us. Once you realize that, the easier it is to get on…and get it together.